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New Construction 

At Natural Instincts, we work hand in hand with your architect to create your design. We provide conceptual design renderings, elevations and floor plans to help our clients visualize their project. We work with our clients on specifications and provide detailed documents to put our designs into action. With our onsite visits and impeccable attention to detail, we manage the quality and accuracy of our client's approved designs to assure that the finished space will be not only functional but beautiful. 



 Our full range of design services provides the perfect avenue for our clients to visualize all aspects of the remodeling process before any demolition begins. With onsite measurements, drawings of the existing structure, planning, renderings, and elevations, we will be with you every step of the way making the remodel process as seamless as possible.


Interior & Exterior Finish Specifications   

Selecting interior finishes with our clients is a fun and interactive process. After presenting samples of materials and fixtures we follow with elevations of the selected items in the space so there are no surprises. When selections are approved we specify the details of the finish selections for the contractors, and order and procure special items when needed.


Furniture & Accessories
After approval of the furniture layout plans, we will select or present custom-designed furniture pieces. We will provide you with specifications and pricing and once approved, we will take care of the ordering, tracking, storage, delivery, and installation. Our customized furniture collages and elevations will visually guide your selections. 

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